Mixed media collage on paper, 16″x20″, 2009


About this piece:
I used to incorporate a lot more collage material in my work that had text and printed material on it. This piece contains that and a little bit of everything…wax, transfers, marker, pencil, glued xeroxes, stickers, oil pastels.

I even made color copies of some other works of my own and cut them up to use in some of my newer collages. It’s another way my work is always folding in on itself—consuming and renewing itself all the time—cannibalistic, I suppose you could say. I titled it ‘Roswell’ because the big black loop reminded me of a flying saucer lifting off. We visited Roswell (the actual city) in New Mexico a few times when we lived out there for a couple of years…things that remind me of that time period in my life usually make me smile.

I also love how the little loop in the bottom left corner (which is actually the letter ‘P’) mimics the larger one above. The yellow blob on the lower right of the piece was from an old wax letter sealing kit I found at a thrift shop–the wax piece had a little wick in it that you had to light on fire to make the wax drip off.

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