We’re awe junkies. We love to be wowed. We’re in awe of the patience, the skill and the obsession that artists possess. We’re pretty irreverent and definitely don’t take ourselves, or the art market, too seriously.

We're storytellers and know that everyone has a story to tell. We want to give artists a venue to do just that- to share their stories of how and why they do what they do.

Show and Tell Art and Design is a creatively curated, online market for artists to show and sell their work and tell their stories. What sets us apart is the way one is able to connect with the work and the people who made it. We want you to learn why each piece was created because the story behind each piece is equally as important as the work itself. We want to provide a curious peek inside the artists' heads. They're genuinely fascinating places!

We live near Charleston, SC. Humor (preferably sarcastic) drives us, as does the genuine love of art (and our incredible children, of course- both two and four-legged). We have backgrounds in web design and own a design company called Alloneword Design. We hold Masters degrees in Museum Studies and Elementary Education. Both of us have done extensive gallery work and have curated various contemporary art shows over the years. We serve on the boards of Halsey Institute of Contemporary Art and Redux Contemporary Art Center.

We've surrounded ourselves with incredibly talented artist friends' work throughout our home. Our art collection tells our family's story in a visual sense and provides insight to who we are. There's an emotional connection to every piece- a psychological one, as well.

Everyone should be able to buy art that because they love it and connect to it.

Support artists. Buy art. Be wowed. Life is way too short not to.