Bun Squad


Mixed media on found papers. Individual pieces are approximately 9”x 11” each, but some do vary, as shown. 

The photographs show the “Bun Squad” pieces displayed together for a pop-up art show in December of 2014. These colorful works on paper, with varied textures can be sold individually for $95.00 each (for 1) or in multiples (2 or more) for $85.00 each. (The price will decrease as the number purchased increases.)

As individuals, they would look fabulous framed or unframed. As a group installation, they would really pack a punch! Pricing for a bunch of them can easily be negotiated. Before purchasing, please contact us for details. We can send photos of each piece you may be interested in. We’d be happy to help curate a “grouping” for your space, as well.

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