Pink Table and Ghost


Mixed media on canvas,  50”x 60”, 2014

This piece was done during an artist residency in southern Virginia.  This is a very ‘quiet’ painting for me and I love how peaceful it is. This one took me a long time to resolve and thinking of all the layers and shapes that are sliding secretly around underneath, all the white makes it feel mysterious.  An artist I really admire is Sarah Gamble. She and I exchanged studio visits and she said something like ‘You have lots of ghosts in your paintings.’  She walked around the room and pointed at almost every single work at a ‘ghost’.  I loved that; it spooked me out in a great way. I’ve always responded to the underlying shapes and purposefully create very thin, multiple layers to try and draw out the ‘shadows’; hence, the “ghosts”.   Everything comes from somewhere and it speaks to me. The idea that what’s underneath, what came before, directly affects the ‘finished’ works and how they present themselves to us in the present moment.