Play in Pink & Black


Mixed media on canvas and paper, 24″ x 30″, 2014


About the piece:
This work was created with what I call ‘prime scraps’. I usually edit my paper and unstretched canvas pieces by cutting off edges and sections. It’s not always easy to do because I often really like those parts. They’re different than usual scraps because they’ve been developed to a point but then I had to make a decision to keep or let go.

I saw all these pieces around me and just thought I’d play around with stacking them together, they reminded me of making a toy or even a layered cake. I also saw it as a way to preserve and use the ‘prime scraps’, sections of pieces I had to let go of in another situation but were still good.

The monochromatic colors in each piece really came together when I stacked them up and it feels like it has a little something of everything I love in my finished works. A little pink, a little black, some stripes, a shot of some random color (green), thick/pasty parts, and thin/washy sections.

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