Foot, Gun, Bun (B&W)


Mixed media on canvas, 24″x36″, 2014


About this piece:
In this recent painting I wanted to experiment with almost no color. A funny thing happens when you commit to using only black and white. You find there is a rainbow of white tones and a myriad of blacks too. It really let’s you see the nuances of color and how even the slightest shifts can alter the entire work. I have the familiar forms again, the hint of the bun, the foot (from a children’s cartoon) and the rectangular gun shape. When my son (4 years old) saw this painting he immediately (and excitedly!) pointed out the gun. Hopefully the shapes and the references to them in the titles of my work serve as an invitation for the viewer to approach the paintings playfully and with a curiosity about some sort of story…one they can add to.