Pink Clouds + Green Stripes #2


Mixed media on paper, 28″x38″, 2014


About the piece:
We moved about a year ago, here to Charlottesville, VA. I didn’t have a studio right away so I worked in the attic for awhile. I sort of cleared out this little corner and would sneak up there when I could. It was dark, as you can imagine, and really small. This piece was one of the first that I made when, after a couple months of working in the attic, I was able to move into the space I work in now. This painting and it’s relative (Pink Clouds + Green Stripes #1) felt so fluid and light as I was making them. When I look at these pieces it reminds me of how good it felt to use my paints again. In the attic I had been working only on scrappy collages I was taping together and then reconfiguring. Those really moved my work forward but I wasn’t painting.

When I moved down to my studio it felt like I could finally take a breath, a lot of freedom. These pieces reflect that–the pink is kind of atmospheric and the components float around untethered in the space. The bun is there again and of course the stripes that I love. The green stripes are actually tape–a carry over from the attic, I guess.

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