Over the Hill


Mixed media on canvas and paper, 12″x13″, 2014 SOLD

About the piece:
This little collage is a combination of a new and old work. The light blue paper with the red bun drawing, a more literal one this time, was made while I was working on a lot of small collages at once. I had little space, my studio was in my attic for a few months, so I concentrated on trying to force disparate pieces together and see if I could make them work. After I brought all those collages down to my new studio, I took some of them apart. I ended up pairing the blue and red bun drawing piece with a section of a more developed painting I had previously cut up. I love how the textures are so opposite, the canvas is thick and chunky while the paper feels smooth and light. Because of the curved shape, I imagine the bun as a figure that is traveling over a distant hill in a landscape. When I cut the square corners off certain works they really take on this three dimensional quality for me–this one does that–it’s like an object and a really flat picture at the same time.

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