Under the Purple Table


Mixed media on canvas, 50”x 50”, 2014 – ON HOLD
This piece is sold unstretched, as we love it with the frayed canvas edges exposed. The raw nature of not stretching the canvas in this case, just makes the painting all the more intriguing. The buyer can choose to frame it, stretch it or hang as shown.  Note- The artist cut the canvas at the very bottom, so the left side is about 1/2″ longer than the right.

This painting was done at the artist residency at the Virginia Center for the Creative Arts.  I had a huge studio to work in for a change, and that really came through in the big paintings I made during that time.  I was having fun making these wild lines and shapes and then bringing in some perspective lines to suggest interior rooms or floors.  This fabulous magenta I was using really popped with the blue up above.  Sometimes when you’re working you just get lost and suddenly look at what you’ve done and wonder ‘Why didn’t I stop there, in that one spot?’.  Other times you get this sense to pull up short at the last second, mid mark, and it’s very clear.  That happened in this piece with the magenta paint.  As I was pushing it around, it just told me to ‘Stop!  Right there!’  and I did.  To me, it looked like this giant purple table.  



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