Pink Seeds


Mixed media acrylic on wood panel. Piece is ready to hang with wire on back.
17″ x 19″ x .5″

About this piece:
“Pink Seeds” is a kind of bridge between this new series and older themes that delved into the nature of organic form. This work is actually where this ‘Paper Series’ all started. Pink is not a color I would normally reach for when making paintings. As an influence in this work, I am not quite sure how it all happened. I believe someone gifted me a tube of “Opera Pink” watercolor some time ago. I remember one day, having a pink stain show up and I became so fascinated by this magical, transparent pink color. From that time on, it kept appearing in the work- first as small stains and then morphing into these vibrant seeds. I love the irregular edges of the paper and how it works with the seed forms. This piece may be seen as a real beginning- a field of infinite potential and the curiosities of unconditional love.

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