Joe Pie Weed


Botanicals series “Joe Pie Weed” Oil on panel 9”x12”

Formally, the Botanical series of paintings communicate issues of space, scale, and texture, and the composition of form withal.  My hope is that they reveal my commitment to lovingly render the beauty of the leaves and things I find on walks through town or out in the Lowcountry.  I strive to honor the grace and infinite tactility of nature’s hand and, in so doing, reveal my awe at the beauty that resides within and expresses itself daily in life though us.  The Botanicals, at their core, are about the worlds inside our selves; they are about seeing. Seeing inside the world of our own lives by and with feeling; an endless, familiar, unspoken conversation about simple complexities.

Since the paintings are all the same size (about 9 x 12 inches) on the same material (birch panel) and are all painted the same way (by glazing) with a consistent palette (white and variations of green and brown) the process is documentary.  However, my feeling is that the outcome is not.”

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