High Quality Information


Spartina grass found along Seaside Creek, James Island. Swallowtail, computer circuits, map, and drawing set inside a hand- built wood house with glass on front. Ready to hang.
16″ x 6.5″ x 2.5″

*This sculpture is currently on view at the headquarters of the National Art Education Association in Alexandria, VA. It will be available to purchase after May 1, 2017.*

This sculpture is inspired by the poem “High Quality Information” by Gary Snyder and is contemplation on today’s education system- a continuous theme throughout my work.

A life spent seeking it
Like a worm in the earth,
Like a hawk. Catching threads
Sketching bones
Guessing where the road goes.
Lao-tzu says
To forget what you knew best.
That’s what I want:
To get these sights down,
Clear, right to the place
Where they fade
Back into the mind of my times.
The same old circuitry
But some paths color-coded
And we’re free to go.

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