Crepe Myrtle tree bark and seeds collected in my yard in the fall in hand built wood house with glass siding. This piece is free standing (no hanging required).
7.5″ x 4.5″ x 2.5″

My Dad taught me how to use the table saw years ago. I still use the original saw he found for me at a garage sale. It is small enough to move around my studio and perfect for my needs. I built this small house with wood, sanded, assembled and stained it. The crepe myrtle tree outside the window of my studio sheds it’s bark and seeds annually. I am always amazed at the sculptural pieces of the bark curling as they dry. The bark fills the main section while the seeds fill the top section. Mud texture is added to the glass front seams.

Each house sculpture in this series is a meditation on my detachment and connection with nature. It is my search for wholeness in a modern world fueled by fast-paced technology and materialism.

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