Coffee stained silver gelatin print with paper, plastic grass, butterfly, flowers, lace and broken antique tintype holder on book cover.
16X24in  The piece is in a black, wooden, shadow box-style frame. NOT pictured.

(Please note: This piece is currently on view in Columbia, SC at SC ETV and will be available for shipping in April 2016. Email us for details.)


About the Piece:
I love this one. Alot of these materials were given to me. The butterfly was a gift from an old family friend. He had given it to me in pieces along with other disassembled insects in a jar labeld ‘insect parts’. I pieced the butterfly together patching its wing with lace. The velvet piece was a gift from my grandmother and the hydrangea flowers were cut from my Aunt’s house in Alabama one Christmas. My friend Alan is in the photograph at the top.