Pinglet 5


Acrylic, fabric, paper, thread, and natural nymph dubbing on canvas

*9.5” x 11” *Note: Dimensions are approximate because of odd shape.

Each Pinglet began with the physical deconstruction of one painting. Growing tired of the traditional rectangular or square painting on canvas, I decided to physically deconstruct my work, first cutting a large form out of the painting, then slowly cutting out smaller puzzle pieces, areas that felt most dynamic. I then rearranged the pieces by connecting a line or form between them, creating small reconstructed shapes and securing them temporarily with pins. I rearranged the pieces of this painting hundreds of times before finally stitching them together. Adding found and upcycled scraps, such as paper, fibers, foam and yarn, became part of the rearranging process as well.

The entire process was a deep and methodical one. It was challenging to cut into a painting, knowing that once I took scissors to the canvas, there was no turning back. But I knew it was what I needed to do. At this challenging time of my life when growth and change is constant, this process has helped me cope with reconstructing the way I see life and my purpose in this world.

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